Clean Energy

Clean energy

Why Solar Power

Every hour, the amount of energy reaching Earth from the Sun’s fusion is enough to cover the entire globe’s energy demand for an entire year. Harnessing this power is consequently key in the global transition towards zero-emission energy production for the ever-increasing demand. Investing in solar power is not just responsible, but has several key advantages in relation to comparable options. Read more

Political Ambitions

Renewable energy has, in recent years, become the top priority of the international political agenda stimulating multiple agreements aiming to reduce the global carbon footprint. Not just in Dubai, but also in the EU, major steps have been taken to secure a greener future fuelled by ambitious goals. Read more

Government Grants

With politicians and nations starting to open their eyes to the massive need for investment in renewable energy to reverse the devastating and costly effects of global warming, there have in multiple countries been adopted various forms of grants and subsidies to investors. These subsidies, as for instance seen with the “Feed-in-Tariff” implemented in the UK as well as in several EU countries, secures solar plant operators and investors an artificially high and fixed output price for up to 25 years.

The fixed price is obtained through a power purchasing agreement and obligates the power companies to buy the electricity from the solar plants, whereafter it is mixed with electricity from other sources through the grid lines. It is the consumers that in the end will pay for the implementation of the conversion towards a greener energy production, while the investors get a major financial incentive to take responsibility and take the necessary steps in building the infrastructure.Read more

The Science behind Photovoltaics

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