About Us

Renewable Energy Advisors of Tomorrow

Greenkey is your trusted renewable energy advisor. It is at the core of our purpose to enhance our clients’ projects, achieve the best possible return on investment and, at the same time, help the world become a greener place.

Located in the heart of Dubai, one of the upcoming capitals of renewable energy, we provide advice on solar energy projects. Complete peace at heart; we provide our clients with end-to-end advice spanning the entire value chain of energy projects, including advising on how to find the right investors, locations, construction teams, etc. This is enabled by our highly competent team of consultants with diverse and international backgrounds within the renewable energy sector.


Market leaders choose Greenkey over competitors due to five aspects.

Firstly, we understand that converting to sustainable energy needs to yield great financial returns. Secondly, our operation is independent and free of potential conflicts of interest caused by other organizations in the industry. Thirdly, we have a global reach. Fourthly, we have considerable experience in the process from a practical standpoint. Lastly, we advise our clients efficiently throughout the lifetime of their project. Read more

Our People is Our Pride

Our Experienced Consultants Strengthen Our Core Competencies

With our end-to-end services, a massive knowledge base is required. Our advisors are therefore specialised in every step of the process; from idea to the successful implementation, operation and potential divestment of large-scale renewable energy projects.

For example, our engineers have acquired cutting-edge knowledge from leading universities and hands-on experience from industry-defining service providers. This is required, as we place great emphasis on achieving the highest level of project quality and durability. By employing our experienced consultants, who will examine and consult on every project aspect, we remove substantial operating risks in the process. Read more