Solar Power

Solar power

The Key Advantages of Solar Power

1 Reliable and Proven Technology

The underlying technology in solar power production is simple and reliable, delivering stable energy production across the producer guaranteed lifetime of 20-25 years on solar modules. However, in our experience, the modules are functional even longer than the guarantee suggests with only a minimal decay in power production efficiency. The reason is that the simplicity of the technology minimizes parts that can be broken to zero, and therefore secures no downtime and associated maintenance costs. In fact, the only cost is the cleaning of the modules, which is rather inexpensive.

2 Competitive Energy Production

When considering the energy production costs across all energy sectors, solar power has become very competitive given innovation in technology and production processes. This has been experienced to a point, where solar power is more cost-efficient than other energy forms, such as oil and coal, and is fully competitive compared to other green energy sources; wind power for example. In addition, the variation in the solar ray radiation is very low, lower than 0.38% across 10 years, and compared to wind power, ensures a stable energy output.

3 A Bright Combination: Low Risk and High, Stable Returns

The highly reliable technology, its competitive energy production, the close to never-ending solar radiation and the long lifetime of solar modules provides the basis for a very attractive, low risk investment that leaves behind a better, more sustainable world. At the same time, the stable energy output, combined with our help in negotiating 20-year Power Purchase Agreements with governments and large organisations, fixes the electricity price ensuring investors very predictable and stable cash flows. Even without leverage, an investment in solar power is great, however, utilizing the available and attractive, low-cost senior financing covering up to 90% of the asset value, it quickly turns into a phenomenal one. This is, not to mention, its low correlation with the business cycles and the general stock market; making solar energy a very viable option. In total, solar energy investments present a golden opportunity in terms of low risk and high, stable returns – leaving generations to come with a bright future.