The Scarcest Resource is Our Competent Consultants

With our end-to-end services, a massive knowledge base is required. Our advisors are therefore specialised in every step of the process; from idea to the successful implementation, operation and potential divestment of large-scale renewable energy projects.

For example, our engineers have acquired cutting-edge knowledge from leading universities and hands-on experience from industry-defining service providers. This is required, as we place great emphasis on achieving the highest level of project quality and durability. By employing our experienced consultants, who will examine and consult on every project aspect, we remove substantial operating risks in the process.

In cases of negotiating PPAs, contracts and other legal documents, we engage top legal advisors, who possess comprehensive local, as well as cross-border, legal advisory experience. This also applies for all aspects concerning financial matters.

To facilitate a structured process, our consultants have in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience in:

  • Commercial Law

  • Corporate Finance

  • Project Development
  • Construction Management
  • Operational Management

Our senior consultants have been directly involved in, and held significant responsibility for, the financing, construction and operation of some of Europe’s largest solar energy projects.