Our Project Management Services

Our Project Management Services

In addition, to the aforementioned services, we also offer the following to our clients:

Risk Management

We deliver a thorough and quantitative risk assessment of each project. By working closely with our clients, and by applying our set of industry-tailored tools, we can assure every project risk is being monitored and effectively mitigated.

Energy Yield Assessment

We offer our clients an accurate picture of their sustainable project by performing validated and realistic energy yield assessments. These analyses are designed to systematically inform internal investment decisions and solidify the business case towards investors.

PPA Establishment

We turn aspiring projects into concrete business cases by advising our clients on the optimal structure for their PPA. When agreed-upon, the PPA, which typically lasts anywhere from 10 to 25 years, guarantees performance for the project and relieves our client from providing a capital investment.